Client: Chief Reinvention Officer
Year: 2018
Product: digital book
To analyse data, create the structure and design for a modern digital book that is regularly updated
We became co-authors of the digital book in a modern format. We conducted market research, gained a full understanding of the nature of the product, came up with metaphors and created an original design with author illustrations
What we did
Work with the topic
Our book helps companies to avoid the Titanic Syndrome. This ship's crew knew about the icebergs but thought that it was too large to take the threat seriously and react to it. Similarly, large business players do not react to changes in the modern dynamic world, and this leads to their downfall

of format

The book talks about the need to constantly reinvent your business in line with global changes. In the spirit of this philosophy, we re-invented the format of the publication. It is sold in digital form and is constantly evolving - fresh research, stories and exercises are added to the book every quarter
Creation of structure
First, we spoke about why the Titanic Syndrome occurs, described its symptoms and consequences in detail, then suggested ways to prevent and treat the syndrome. This was all illustrated with examples, and interactive practical exercises were included
Author illustrations
The key metaphor of the book is the Titanic. We created visual images that draw parallels with the famous liner and large companies, and we drew 60+ illustrations. This brought the business theme to life
Cover design
The cover also illustrates the book's metaphor. We used specific, well-known references. We depicted the sinking skyscrapers of business Titanics such as the well-known Nokia, Kodak, and other modern companies that failed to react to the icebergs last year
Visualization of research results
While working on the book, we, together with the client, interviewed numerous managers and business owners in order to gain an understanding of the problems they consider most acute. The findings of the study were combined into a chapter on the view of the business community in respect of the practice of reinventing business

respondents surveyed
Practical goals
We give readers the opportunity to put all the mechanisms that we describe in the book into practice. So, at the end of each part we added specially designed tests and exercises

practical exercises
Interactive cards
Interactive cards help to put the theory of Reinvention into practice. Each card illustrates a specific business model and gives an example of its successful application. The reader can print, cut out the cards and use them for brainstorming, choosing the options that are most suitable for their business We give readers the opportunity to put all the mechanisms that we describe in the book into practice. So, at the end of each part we added specially designed tests and exercises

In the book, we not only talked about how reinventing business is important, but also showed how it works. To do this, we included real stories from large companies that have undergone transformation. Each case describes the road to change "from and to" and includes interviews with participants. Along with the success stories, we drew craft illustrations in a realistic style suitable for documentary stories
of interviews
We became a co-author of the project in a new business format. The book is sold online in the US and is constantly being updated. We are continuing to work with the client, and currently on the creation of a Reinvention online course

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